Our Story

Fitness by Ben was created by Ben John-Rose

Ben believes that fitness & health require a lifestyle change, that change is will be different for each client, and will require discipline and consistency to accomplish the client’s desired goal.

FB’s approach has uniquely been sculpted through a unique set of qualifications; Ben holds a Masters in Sports psychology as well as 6 current fitness certifications and is presently pursuing his Ph.D. in sports psychology.

The focus of FB’s services is Exercise, Nutrition, & Wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a service that institutes progressive mental and physical fitness coaching. We aim to provide a fun experience that allows participants to achieve their health and fitness goals through discipline and consistency.

The use of positive language, goal setting, and several other methods introduces participants to the mental skills conducive to performance; these techniques can increase adherence of training, maximize competitive performance and help realize the participants full potential.