Instructions: The following post should be made daily in the support group. Each week’s assignment will cross over into the following week in addition to that week’s assignment. Participation in the support group is not required to participate in the challenge; however, you will be ineligible to receive prizes without participation.


Week 1: Positive body image

What is one of your favorite assets and what would you like to improve about the body you’re learning to love?

  1. Identify 2 assets

e.g. I like my eyes and butt

  1. Identify 1 area of improvement and how you’ll improve it

e.g. I would like to lose body fat; I will make healthy food choices

  1. Share assets and area of improvement each day in the support group
  2. Respond to 1 or more group member


Week 2: Positivity Journal + Positive body image

Let’s create an attitude of gratitude. Before bed journal 3 things that you are thankful for; the following day share one of those things with the group. This is in addition to your positive body image post.

  1. 3 things I am thankful for
  2. Share 1 of your positives with the group
  3. Respond to 1 or more group member


Week 3: Goal setting + Positivity Journal + Positive body image

What are your fitness goals? Choose one goal and identify the steps required to reach it. Use SMART goals to complete 1 step of your goal each day.

S.M.A.R.T goals – Specific (when where how) Measurable (point of reference/ how often how many times) Attainable (are you in a position to do it) Reliable (can you replicate this activity) Timely (your window of opportunity)

  1. Choose a goal
  2. Create smart goals for the goal
  3. Each day choose 1 step within the goal to accomplish
  4. Share step with the group

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