Grand prize

8-week Custom exercise program

Exclusive support group

Fitness by ben apparel


In order to qualify for the prizes participants must complete the following:

  • Log weekly check-ins on Sunday or Monday
  • Complete 3 full check-ins
  • Log 18 days of meals minimum in MyFitnessPal
  • Log and complete 3-5 work out sessions in the app weekly
  • Participate daily in the support group by checking in and responding to one person in the support group
  • Lose 5 – 10 pounds within 21 days
  • Lose 10 – 20 inches overall

Check-in Requirements:

  1. Progress pictures
  • A full body photo taken from 3 planes of reference (front, side, and back) (Figure 1). Form-fitting clothing or bathing suits are encouraged.


progress pic.pngFigure 1. Example of Required Progress Pictures.

  1. Measurements
  • Tracking the circumference or girth of multiple sites or limbs on the body, these measurements are completed in inches. These measurements should be logged in the app (Figure 2).

Figure 2. App interface where you will log your measurements.

  1. Weigh in
  • Measure your body weight in pounds or kg on a scale in connection with an athletic contest


  1. Post your progress in the app. It will not count towards the challenge if I do not see it. Please do not text or email me your progress pictures; upload them to the app.

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