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Exercise is, should, and can be done wherever there is space, time, and opportunity. This is an outlet for you and me, to join a fitness journey together as we are, wherever we are, at our own pace.

Ben John-Rose is a health and wellness professional with multiple NSCA accredited certifications and a Graduate Degree in Sport Psychology. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fit By Ben provides a variety of services from personal and group training, nutrition counseling, psych assessments, and mental toughness coaching.

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SUPPORT GROUP PLAN Instructions: The following post should be made daily in the 21-day challenge group. Each week’s assignment will cross over into the following week in addition to that week’s assignment. Participation in the support group is not required to participate in the challenge; however, you will be ineligible to receive prizes without participation. … Continue reading 21 DAY CHALLENGE SUPPORT GROUP

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